A suggestion:

So I’m posting this here with a mind towards considering whether others agree:

The recent re-balancing of Sunless Sea seems very favorable to me; I tend to drive with the lights on and off in different situations, I find combat more tempting, and staying alive mostly requires a very, very clear head about resource management on all fronts - terror, food, fuel, even carrying the right cargo, stories and secrets for situations I’m liable to encounter. The only way to come out ahead is to play as much of the board as you can. Positively voracious strategy, with very real rewards for taking very real risks.

That said, it can be annoying to sift through like 50 tiles to figure out whether I’ve collected a particular port report yet, and consequentially whether I should take a detour to hit, say, Mt Palmerston, the Avid Horizon and whatever else is near them. 100-200 Echoes and multiple units of fuel is worth stopping for if you’re already in the neighborhood, no?

I think that FBG have already worked out very effective means of categorizing different assets - the Fallen London system of &quotcurrency trees,&quot is very effective, and does assist the player in understanding the nature of certain transactions.

I think it’d be effective if information (Secrets, Extraordinary Implications, Strategic Information, Vital Intelligence, Searing Enigmas) Port Reports (self-explanatory, but having them compartmentalized together would help keep my affairs in order), Treasures (Judgements’ Eggs, Captivating Treasures, Hunting Trophies) and Tales (zee-stories, tales of terror, visions of the surface, etc) had dedicated rows. It would also help if we could collapse categories, particularly Port Reports, that take up a ton of space and don’t need to be viewed at all times. That way, a person who was focusing on the acquisition or management of a particular resource could view what they need, and choose, to view.

Yes, I think that’s a good idea.

I would agree as well. I’m always frustrated when I have to search through tiles to find something.