A Suggestion For The Communication System

Instead of sending it directly to Failbetter Games, I thought I’d propose it here first to see if others would like it/if the community would benefit from it.

How about some sort of Reminiscing/‘Record in your Journal’ feature for letters and invitations? Another player [Abernarl Critch] and I have grown to become some sort of In-Character pen pals, and sometimes I want to view older exchanges. I’m not sure if such a feature is worthwhile, though.

it would be nice, I have a message from appolonia i’m refusing to delete because I like the RP included, and I’ve heard other people complain about the work arounds they had to do to save the message texts.

I’d love to save the long conversations I’ve had with acquaintances, but I also want to accept the action-- so this would be excellent!

I, too, have a message from someone I refuse to delete, suinicide. It’s rather frustrating!

Mahonagy, this is exactly what I mean!

I’ve actually copy-and-pasted a few of the invites or conversations I’ve really enjoyed into a Word document, so that could be a temporary solution at least :)

This is also a nice solution.

Anybody else having the same problem or should this thread just die? :P

I’ve felt the same way as well and have saved a lot of messages and social actions into word docs. Though an easy fix around, it’s starting to pile up some and would love to have an easier fix to this.

I actually save the whole text of every ES in a separate word doc, same goes for my Ambition. I also have a doc for saving random snippets I really like, and one for saving nice RP texts, one with links to snippets on player profiles and one with links to useful old threads here on the forum.

I bet if I search up ‘organised’ in the dictionary I’ll find a picture of you.

I would like it if all communication, sent and received, was automatically and permanently recorded somewhere private, with the option to publicly share a post on your journal should you choose.
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This is even better-- it’s a much easier way. Perhaps there should be the option to delete letters though.