A Starveling Cat! A Starveling Cat!

I opened up a Bundle and it nearly knocked me flat!
A Starveling Cat! A Starveling Cat!
If it’s any use to anyone, I think I’ll eat my hat.
A Starveling Cat! A Starveling Cat!
Can anybody tell me: why would I want that?

Useful for Nightmares and Wounds, if you need a lot of them really quickly. Also, it can be used to get UP for Seeking.

It’s a very efficient way of gaining Nightmares and Wounds together, which made it useful at Hallowmas and may make it useful again, depending on how the festival is changed. Also the best way of getting Unaccountably Peckish: three levels per action. There’s no reason to get rid of one though if you don’t need it, as the displayed Persuasive penalty does nothing since it can’t be equipped.

I believe that Starveling Cats are also necessary to enable Seekers to Stain their souls.

yes, though they can be bought for 77 brilliant souls, one zee-catch [that you figured out how to get to london, so it’s non-trivial], or a baptized rattus faber corpse if you are seeking and lack a cat- exclusively at the stain your soul step with 0 cats. Which makes a starvling cat worth somewhere between 2.5 and 38.5 echoes, according to the game.

It requires a Deep-zee Catch now, the equivalent of the Sunless Sea item Strange Catch, rather than the Strange Catch quality from Fruit of the Zee.