A Speculation about Color

Suppose there aren’t six impossible colors in the Neath just because each needs to go with one profession, and C(4, 2) = 6.
Suppose the names of the colors are twisted, folded, tortured meaning. &quotI drown and overwhelm.&quot &quotViolating.&quot &quotPerfectly clear and also deepest black.&quot &quotFar away from the blue.&quot &quotThe departure of the universe.&quot
Suppose each one connects to a dream.
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I, for one, am going to need more detail to follow your thoughts.

Suppose there are seven impossible colours. Why don’t we discuss the seventh?

There were some theories about the seventh light being a rotting, sort of green related to Parabola and the zee-waves, if I remember correctly? Memory of Light mentions a rotting light, but I’m positive there was another source for this, does anyone remember it?

The light of the Mirror Marches is amber. I can’t say if it’s uniquely so, however.[li]

So far we know of irrigo, cosmogone, gant, violant and apocyan. Is there a sixth?[li]
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Pelign, the colour of the Unterzee.


Does anybody know how apocyan is described?

Edit: Or cosmogone for that matter.
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Cosmogene is “the colour of remembered sunshine.”

[quote=Martial Canterel]Does anybody know how apocyan is described?[/quote] The Bazaar has this to say on the matter: &quotApocyanic: the tint the moonish light gives the Unterzee wave-caps.&quot Also, I’m uncertain whether or not the -ic is a part of the colour’s actual name or not.

Hmm, it appeared as apocyanic in the Advent Calender too.
So it probably is.

An old post of Alexis’ actually referred to the phrase “Peligin is the color of the Unterzee, except where the moonish light tinges the wave-caps apocyan.”

Just found that last night, while looking for something else, thought I’d share it.

I received as a gift for the Feast the Explosion of Neath-Colours, and there’s an interesting sentence in its description… it says “a crest of sleepy, frondular viric”. Because it is in the context of listing the various colours appearing in the fireworks (it mentions also the “searing violant”, a “winking irrigo” and a “thirsty, fathomless gant”, could it be that it’s a colour that it was not mentioned up to now?

[color=#ff9900]That’s an interesting theory.[/color]

[color=#ff9900]That’s an interesting theory.[/color][/quote]

Confirmed: Viric is the colour of policemen making weird noises.

Not to mention that I cannot seem to find a definitive meaning of the word &quotfrondular.&quot &quotPertaining to ferns&quot is my best guess.[li]
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[quote=Shadowhand]Not to mention that I cannot seem to find a definitive meaning of the word &quotfrondular.&quot &quotPertaining to ferns&quot is my best guess.[li]
edited by Shadowhand on 2/19/2014[/quote][/li][li]The frond is a leafy branch, perhaps frondular is the relative adjective - or noise.


“Frondular” is almost definitely an affectionate descriptor for your beloved.

If viric is indeed a color, it breaks the nice symmetry with the Tier 4 profession however…