A small, velvet lined box!

Hey! I have stumbled upon Poor Edward in the legendary Orphanage.
Evidently my stealth was not good enough. Or I did not imagine Attracting Attention at 6 was already fatal.

Ooops, now i am buried alive.

What is my best bet to get out? Death? Nightmares? Or both?

P.s. Anyone else get a bunch of references from the &quotAmbition: Light Fingers&quot storyline?
Orphanage == Shalebridge Cradle in Thief 3. So very much. You even have to sneak through it.
Poor Edward == at a previous step in the story he moves super fast, you do not manage to defeat him physically, and the player may end up in a coffin, ironically, like a vampire…

hey now you get to be a dead ringer ;)

Death is the only way. Or the lilly’s path, if you’ve walked it already.[li]

If you’ve got a certain green lodger hanging around your house, you need not lose life or mind.

I know! But the green plant was creepy, carnivorous, and promised to grow human heads as fruit, so I got rid of it!
It pays to have a moderately carnivorous plant (5 or 10) in your lodgings, I guess. Just for emergencies.

Your best bet at this point is the river. Maybe enjoy some of the opportunity cards, unless you really dislike the experience of being buried alive.

Only the river? Not the Royal Beth? Hm, so bad. I hoped to have a character who did not die. I have heard that at some point you have a chance to jump on a wooden wheel that gets you onto the surface.
Well, I guess it’s easy not to die if you restrict yourself to ordinary storylets and never pursue any ambition
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Honestly, I think it would make more sense if insanity was the release, not death. Poor Edward’s whole threat is based on death not being a release from premature burial - plus, insanity provides a convenient loss of sense of time that can cover us being eventuslly dug up, rescued, and moved to the Royal Beth. Not to mention the escape offered by the Mirror-Marches!