A small, velvet lined box. Is there any escape?

I have been buried alive. Is there anyone who can help me or is there no escape short of dying?

If you haven’t been growing the plant in your lodgings the only way out is to die as far as I know.

Someone mentioned in a similar thread a while ago that hitting 8 Nightmares did /not/ get them out of the box; this may since have been fixed, but go for Wounds instead to be safe.

I believe Alexis has stated that’s working as intended, actually (which does, now that I think about, strike me as a little odd - especially if one happens to have some Memories of Light when they’re buried. One would think that would be the best method of getting out of there relatively unscathed.)

I assume that when Nightmares transport a person to a menace area, the person is actually going there themselves, while not knowing what they’re doing. And even if walking through a mirror can magically lead to Parabola, I guess that the only mirrors in that box would be those brought there on the person, which would presumably be too small to allow escape.

I am a bit confused. My Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant quality is 11 and I still don’t have the plant-saving option.
Can anyone tell me how I can call my dear plant to help me?

pretty sure it’s an opportunity card you can draw there. I believe 11 is high enough. good luck!

Ah thanks, I was looking for it in the buried alive storylet facepalm.
I think you just saved me from some real life nightmares :).