A small thought

I wasn’t really sure about where to put this but I think it will fit alright here.

Out of common courtesy I want to ask if FBG has any issue with authors self-promoting, on a massive scale, their created worlds? I understand it is our IP and writing for us to do as we please but from a technical standpoint, is it all right to try and draw a large crowd into our worlds from the get-go or could that quite possibly cause a server meltdown? Would you prefer us to wait until SN is a little more stable or do you welcome the prospects of pushing the limits of a new platform?
edited by Kitsune on 9/19/2012

[color=#009900]No, please go crazy. Do let us know if you secure major publicity - aside from anything else, we’ll want to share the good news - but we’d love to see high-traffic creator worlds.[/color]

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edited by Alexis Kennedy on 9/19/2012

All right thanks I just didn’t want to (hopefully) flood your servers if they couldn’t handle it. ^_^