A small rhyme

(Warning: This is spoilerific if ur gonna SMEN)

Twinkle twinkle little bats
How I wonder what you’re at!
Down below the earth so far
Pining for your place 'twixt stars.

Trapped within the Bazaar’s plight
There you sit in endless night;
Breaking laws without a care
That otherwise you wouldn’t dare.

Hidden in Irrigo glow
Treacheries most foul did grow.
Where once ten, now nine there be
What did drown in city three?

Truth you tried so hard to fight
Has finally come to light.
Did you think we would not learn
Of the contract that you spurned?

From the North, an icy blast
A reckoning comes at last.
Though you hide in endless night
You won’t escape from The White.
edited by Addis Rook on 9/6/2017