A small bug...

Hello everyone. I’m new around here, so I’m sorry if this is not the right place for bug reports, I just couldn’t find one, so I thought this was the best place for it…
Well, in the world I’m creating there’s a particular storylet which I wanted only to be available if the character had a specific item equipped. To do this I created a quality called “Cape Equipped” and put it in the “Circumstance” category, since I don’t want it to be visible on the side bar. The cape, obviously, adds 1 to this quality, and this quality is a requirement for the storylet. Beyond that, I should also say that this storylet’s priority is set to “Must”.
The problem here is, when the cape is equipped, I can click on the “More” tab, and the screen kinda of flashes for a moment (As if it was updating, which is probably the case) and the “Cape Equipped” quality is already there, but even if I keep browsing around the menus, the “Must” storylet doesn’t appear, it’s necessary to manually refresh the page for it to appear. I’d expect the storylet to appear on the same refreshment that puts the quality on the “More” tab.
Oh, and since I’m at it, I have also noticed that the “Enhancement” field for equipment qualities isn’t accepting negative values, so you can’t create penalties.
Once again, sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum.

[color=3300FF]Hi there,

Please could you report this to support@storynexus.com - it will get prompt attention there!

Will do! thanks