A side effect of the Hellicon House scrip carousal

As a result of recuperating my Hinterland Scrip reserves at Hellicon House, I now have more than 40 Investigating… and a huge quantity of Warm Amber. What’s the most profitable ways to dispense of both? Preferably as echoes, though more scrip would also be welcome.

I’ve been dumping Investigating by investigating the Clay Highwayman – but there is no scrip reward.

Warm amber is easily disposed of in huge quantities via the Ealing butcher or certain operations in the bone market. As for investigating, I find it very useful for keeping banditry under control with all the smuggling I do, talking to the constables off the clay gang card is very effective.

Any good ideas to dump Fascinating?

Fascinating can be spent in Helicon House, in the Prussian Salon. You might have missed the option because it’s only available when you’re flying solo.