A Shattered Character Builds a Zub

During this past Hallowmas, Minimum Viable Seeker here both shattered himself and acquired the Torment destiny. He’s ready to go north, but since I’ve already sent one character that way he’s going to stick around a little longer to see if he can make that destiny come true. For that to happen, he’ll need to get The Name tattooed on him during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose (which may or may not be possible) and he’ll need a Zubmarine.

However, Zubmarine construction is difficult after you’ve shattered yourself when your stats when your stats weren’t especially high to begin with. So far he’s managed to acquire the 20 Whirring Contraptions by getting 120,000 Lamplighter Bee’s Wax from Unfinished Business and the 20 Strong Back Labor by selling stuff, but the 7 Jeweled lenses are proving tricky. He’s got the Correspondence Plaques, but he still needs 7000 Moon-Pears, 70 Ostentatious Diamonds, and 7 Magnificent Diamonds.

The maximum he can achieve in each stat with equipment is Watchful 168, Shadowy 91, Dangerous 68, Persuasive 83. So outside of Watchful, Unfinished Business (my usual go to) isn’t particularly easy to use. If push comes to shove, he can probably scrape together enough echoes to buy better Dangerous gear to unlock all the Unfinished Businesses and then tank the Menaces to get everything except the Magnificent Diamonds but any suggestions on easier approaches would be greatly appreciated. Also, is doing Thieves Cache expeditions and praying for Wooden Masks still the best way to get Magnificent Diamonds?

I’m not a seeker, so forgive me if this is obvious: do you have the ability to go to the court? Moon pearls are plentiful there.

I would guess that Thieves’ Cache expeditions is still the best way, but you can get a guaranteed Magnificent diamond by by succeeding at the Countess heist and keeping her secret (though you need 5 Favours: Criminals to even start that one).

It’s probably also worth using any Cryptic Clues you pick up to buy bags of low-quality diamonds from Empire Adornments in the Sidestreets, since that makes a small profit and carries a chance to gain a Magnificent Diamond.

Having favour rubbery and tomb colonist at 5 gives a conflict card that gives 1 magnificient diamond.

I am not sure if seekers can still have a profession, but the Murderer reward gives 2 magnificient diamond per week (becoming murderer is the evolution from the enforcer. ENforcer is possible from the revolutionaries and the criminals cards)

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I wasn’t aware of the Heist and Conflict Card methods of getting Magnificent Diamonds so I’ll have to check those out.

Good catch. Seeking doesn’t explicitly lock you out and this Seeker still has access so it’s higher persuasive may make much easier than trying to use Unfinished Business: Dangerous at the minimum value.

They can if they choose to cheat one of the candles. This one didn’t so no more professions for it.

I particularly recommend Novel: a patriotic adventure, as it’s 6000 Moon pearls and at least a Docks Favour, suitable for expeditions.

Can you not level up stats anymore?

Sorry for the dumb question, but what do you mean by shattering yourself?

edit2 I am incorrect
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Yes, leveling up stats is an option, but not necessarily the most efficient option. This character is doomed one way or another so if it can get away without wasting it time stat levelling that would be ideal.

During Hallowmas, if you had a high enough Seeking value and St Ceris’ Candle (if memory serves) you could trade one of each collectible confession to give yourself and one other person St Destin’s Candle. This option halved your stats and described itself as doing a &quotshattering&quot amount of damage to your characters. Hence the character’s diminished stats despite its POSI status.

Getting your head chopped off is a surprisingly painless experience. And not wearing your head doesn’t seem to cause any problems. Turns out life as a decapitated wax golem isn’t so bad.
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Ah, the Torment. I exhale a breath cold and scentless, an image of preserved skin and slow blood. The zubmarine shall crack. The message shall walk one step further up the Chain. I wish you luck in your quest, Individual soon to lose their name.

Just want to quickly thank everyone for their help. Minimum Viable Seeker has built its Zub. Now it must wait for the feast, hunger beating in it’s waxen heart.