A Secret Space in the Silver Tree

Have any of you heard about a thing called Place of Whisper or Secret Market in Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree? Apparently, there was a stretch goal for the Kickstarter that allowed for the creation of both this and the Temple Club in Fallen London, but I can’t find any information on it. Was it in the game? If so, what was in it?

It was in the Silver Tree. Temple Club is what Fallen London got, Place of Whispers is what Silver Tree got. It was a… place you could go in Silver Tree (iirc) to find things out about people. Some is London lore, some is just weird other stuff. It was kickstarter exclusive content (like Temple Club is in FL).
You can’t get into Silver Tree anymore. Even if you could, unless you backed the KS, the Place of Whispers would not be available. Either way, like I said, it’s just extra lore. All of The Silver Tree was extra lore. I imagine if you google a bit, you can find some of the stories from it. I’d offer, but I don’t have my ST notes anymore & my memory is pretty bad (really bad). It was a pretty game.
But yeah, it’s gone the way of a whisper…
edited by TheLampades on 11/22/2020
edited by TheLampades on 11/22/2020