A Second Round of Quotes (Phlegethonian Gazette)

This Publication wishes to gather information on the London’s citizenry’s opinion on the election results and their hopes for the future. As ever we at the Phlegethonian Gazette wish to potray the matter in a fair light so all are allowed to participate no matter, which of the candidates you supported. Of course we will require a name and title unless you wish to remain anonymous.

All those, who I wasn’t able to use your quotes yesterday will have your moment to shine as your’s are confirmed to be in this edition of the Phlegethonian Gazette.

Scribbles a few preliminary notes, and then looks up at the interviewee.

So how do you feel of Feducci’s victory in the election, and what do you think is London’s future under his leadership as mayor of London?
edited by Lord Gazter on 7/10/2017

I only voted for him because, all this time, I thought his name was &quotFeduchini&quot.

I still am in need of a few more quotes. Is anyone interested in giving a quote on the second mayoral election’s results?

&quotI’m mildly concerned. It’s possible we’re all in for it now, and that Feducci aims to bring the whole city into a frenzied conflict between the half who voted for him, and the half who hates his guts. Or maybe he just enjoys a bit of adventure and excitement? It’s really hard to say for sure, but I see no reason to doubt his intentions regarding ‘Fair Play, Fair Game’. The only questions are what the rules will be, how they will be enforced, and if London can survive the upheaval.&quot

  • The Fishy Investigator

“I think I’ve convinced Chuffy to let me rig up a human-sized bucket to lower people into the honey-well for a mere two Echoes.” -Isaac Zienfried

“Who will be dealing the cards in Feducci’s ‘Fair Game’”?
–The Melancholy Solicitor

“There was an election? Hmm. Perhaps I voted, don’t recall. Who was it that won? Feducci? I’m fairly certain I killed him once. Didn’t stay dead, though.”–McGunn. Or something like that.

Amanda Albright is beyond such Neathy worries as mayors

&quotI just found out why they call him Fettucine today at the Apicius Club. His bandage was actually pretty al dente! I think they are all sold out by now, though.&quot
edited by Estelle Knoht on 7/11/2017

&quotI shall very much look forward to killing the new mayor in a duel. Repeatedly.&quot - James Sinclair

I have no need for any more quotes at this point. Thank you to all those who gave their quotes for all of your assistance in the Phlegethonian Gazette’s last edition on the second Mayoral Election of London. This shall of course shall not be the last time the Phlegethonian Gazette requires knowledge on the people of London’s opinions on the matters at hand. The truth shall always be readily accessible to the people of London at the reasonable price of five pence.