A Scholar of the Correspondence

How do I raise it? I have it currently at 8 but that’s because I forcibly farmed it for very high cost per 1 point of change at the shadowy dealing in the university.
I already been kicked (and returned) to the university so I can’t do things that relate to time passing in it, I was also kicked out of the empress court and in general I don’t seem to find a way that won’t cost my an arm and a leg to get my scholar to 10 (to get my job upgraded)
I googled for answers, but the only thread I found talked about a card called Correspondence ravages your dreams which is a card that has been removed
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You could open a bunch of Surprise Packages and hope you get Something perilous. It’ll take a while to get that 19 times, however.

If you have the Fate-locked continuation of the Theological Husbandry story in the Labyrinth of Tigers, a Corresponding Ocelot can raise slowly your SotC to 10 with its Opportunity Card. Not the fastest route, but far, far safer and cheaper than Shadowy Dealings at the University.

If you progress further with Theological Husbrandry, I believe that the bifurcated owl can help as well.

Bifurcated owl is also fate locked content.
this means I’ll have to wait for my salery to get in.
seriously they need to give reasonable way to do it past level 7.

The wiki page shows all actions that increase it without spending fate. Your options are pretty much either an option on The skin of the bazaar card (rare, only drawn in Bazaar side-streets), using lacre, or the expensive option in the university. Or the fate-locked animals.
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Ahh thanks I’ll go search for the skin of the bazaar card, The problem with such pages are that they don’t filter properly what raises my scholar and capped and so on which makes browsing it clumsy

Yep, I know.