A scholar of corresponence

Greetings,delicious friends[li]
i have recently become a person of importance,but there are a lot of things i can’t do because I’m not a scholar of the correspondence yet.So,my question is this: what is the fastest way for me to grind resource for supplies,and then the quickest way to achieve scholar?
I’m not looking for Nadir or anything yet,I just want to be a SotC.
(my stats are all at the 100-120 range,if that changes anything.)

Scholar is some Level 3 expedition. Fastest way to grind resources, probably something involving Whispered Secrets or Connected: The Docks although I’m afraid I can’t be more specific, not having been a non-PoSI for a long time. After getting it, it’s easily grindable through dreams (special card).

If your shadowy is high enough and you have access to the 1st coil in the Labyrinth of Tigers, you can steal props at Mahogany Hall and trade the jade for whispered secrets with the Tiger Keeper.

Or you can just keep on seeking curios in the forgotten quarter. It’s much more variable, but with successes that can pay out 200+ whispered secrets at a time it’s a pretty decent bet, and you might find something to hold on to for the Nadir.

Thank you! I think I’ll give it a try