a Scholar of correspondence for the unlucky

It seems to me that if you get kicked out of the empress’s court and go to far in the university story line then you are out of luck increasing a scholar of correspondence, thoughts?

Your “too far in the university story” is actually “not far enough”. They will have to let you back in eventually. They won’t let you do nearly as much, but correspondence study is one of the few things you still can do.

Nope! Other sources include:

  • Beneath the Neath!, at Mrs Plenty’s Carnival, will have an option you can use to raise SotC to 3
  • Wandering the Forgotten Quarter and using “Look for more evidence of the Correspondence in the ruins” will raise it as far as 7
  • If you have completed the Solitary Glim-sculptor’s case but not paid for Flute Street, the other option on that opportunity card will also raise SotC up to 7
  • Getting “something perilous” from a Bundle of Oddities (most commonly through either An Unsigned Message or gift boxes from other players) will raise it as far as 10
  • Once you are Welcome at the University once more, you can use Shadowy Dealings to raise Scholar of the Correspondence as high as your Watchful will allow, at cost in Correspondence Plaques, Aeolian Screams, and Extraordinary Implications. This is the only way to raise it above 10.

There are also other Fate-locked or seasonal methods of raising Scholar, but those are the ones available to free players at any time.

While all of those require either a bit of work to get to or random chance its better then nothing

If you’re interested in spending Fate anyway, unlocking the final beast-breeding stage in the Labyrinth will (with a small amount of work) give you a pet whose card will help you raise SotC to 10.

This isn’t the primary purpose for unlocking that, but it’s a neat side effect for some players!