A romantic encyclopedia

The Handsome Townhouse is the only 3-tier lodging missing in my collection, but I only have 40 of the 500 required romantic notions. Are there routes to grind them (or great quantities of Honey)?
My current stats range from 69 to 80, with a gear modifier that can range from -25 to +25, and I’m (obviously) not PoSI yet.

Polythreme streets offer a nice grind for Romantic Notions (with 8 or 12 per action), though your stats might be just a bit too low to make it a good idea…

Some of the 5-action choices on &quotconflict&quot opportunity cards give quite a few romantic notions; the church/bohemian card, in particular, gives 20. These are also very efficient ways to use second chances.

You can try exchanging wine for honey in the Honey Dens of Veilgarden - 50 Greyfields 1879 gives 40 honey. I can’t remember if you have a good source of the wine at your level though.
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If you’re Seen With someone and have Free Evenings to spare, the dating options in your Lodgings are a good source of Notions.