A Restorative

Anyone seen this card? It seems perhaps to be the new version of the old wounds-restoring opportunity, based on the first two options (“Scraps from the Table” and the fate-locked “A Sumptuous Repast”), but then there’s three more options that require interesting qualities… Specifically, all of them require some level of “Counting the Days”, and “Spending Secrets 4”. The last one also requires “Aligned with a Faction: 100”.

I know Spending Secrets is related to the Numismatrix, but I’ve never seen the others. Anyone else?

You are not the first to ask these questions. There’s a discussion in progress here:

Aha, thank you. Missed that thread.

Except they seem to have horked up the original options on that card.

Just now I had the “A Restorative” card and I selected the scraps from the table option, which claims “This will heal some wounds” – not “this may” but “this will.”

No healing of wounds at all!

I think this is the second time this has happened in the past week or so. Perhaps those Relickers have substituted their Certifiable Scraps for some of the table scraps that I wanted.

That’s odd. Make sure you send in a bug report to fallenlondonbugs@failbettergames.com

Really dumb question: Did you make sure you actually had Wounds when using the card? IIRC, you won’t get any message if a Menace would be decreased that you don’t actually have.

Just tried the “Scraps from the Table” option and it seemed to work fine for me. I’d send in a bug report.