A Request for Screen Shots

Hey, I’m having some issues with the lighting in Sunless Sea-Zubmariner and I don’t really have any pictures from the Unity 5 engine to compare with in order to determine what’s a change from the previous engine and what’s a glitch. So could you zailors whose lighting is working perfectly be kind enough to post the following screen shots?

Sublime Quality
Latest Zubmariner Build
Ship Light On

Khan’s Glory
Khan’s Heart
Khan’s Shadow
Shepherd’s Island
Abbey Rock
Station III
Avid Horizon
Demeaux Island

I’ll take a few when I get home.

Alas, I have none to provide. However, if obliging individuals are watching this thread - there is a certain piece of art that one can see at the end of the new Abysses quest chain, which I would like to preserve but have unfortunately forgotten to screenshot. Rather than redo the entire quest chain, I would much appreciate it if someone could message said image to me.

I hadn’t discovered all those islands yet so I only took the ones I already had.

I don’t remember those island’s being so dark before. Plus, there are quite a few screen shots from the Unity 4 version that show them well lit up. Is it the same with everyone else?

I do feel as though the islands are darker now.

It’s ladyblack.png; all the images are in the game files under images > sn > icons.
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More screen shots would help. I thought it was a graphics glitch particular to me, but it might be the Unity 5 engine drastically changed some of the light levels for the worse, aesthetically speaking.

It would also help if you post screen shots of above the water locations that are well lighted for comparison.
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Well sorry but it would also help to say thanks or please :D

@Anne Auclair, perhaps it would be easier for you to post screenshots from your game, so the rest of us can compare them to ours?

Thank you for posting Bluebeard ^^ And please everyone else, volunteer some screenshots.

I promise to send all contributors a gift parcel.

Not really, as I want to compare the screen shots not only to my own but to each other?

Are the dimly-lit islands registering on your map? I reported a bug a few weeks ago where the islands weren’t appearing on the map, and weren’t lighting up, as they were ‘undiscovered’. It was fixed, though, in a recent push. Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

If anything my Khan’s Heart is darker than Bluebeard’s:

For reference my display adapter is an AMD Radeon R9 200 / HD 79000 series.