A reliable source of Greyfields 1882 early on...

My stats are hovering right around the 60-mark in most areas these days (except Shadowy, which seems to somehow be a lot more troublesome to raise than all the others), and I’ve started worrying about unlocking the next set of locations. I’m already well on my way to accessing the Docks, having found several useful sources of both Glim and Surface Currency… but the Shuttered Palace is causing me trouble. Greyfields 1879 isn’t hard to come by, but the 1882 vintage is another matter. I already have nearly 200 of them, but I suspect they’re mostly from random opportunity-cards and one-time chances, and I need a full 400…

Is there a reliable, grindable source of Greyfields 1882 within the areas currently accessible to me? Or will I just have to wait around for the right opportunities to appear?


Gilsing gave some pretty good advice there.

Ah, I see… heh. I DID do a search, just to be clear, but only for ‘Greyfields 1882’, which obviously did not find THAT particular thread.

Regardless, interesting suggestions. Rather out-of-the-way, for the most part. I certainly would never have thought of obtaining the wines for opening access to The Shuttered Palace WITHIN The Shuttered Palace…

I’ve heard The Labyrinth of Tigers is the same. Apparently you get a guest pass (somehow) and inside you manage getting the 5000 for a season’s pass.

If you don’t want to wait for opportunity cards, you can always just buy them at the Bazaar. I know, it’s not the most cost-efficient, but it’s a one time expense. (As noted, once you have access to the Palace, it opens a source of Greyfields 1882 for you anyway).

8 echoes will get you your missing 200 bottles. It shouldn’t take you many actions to grind random items which would fetch such a price.

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Bazaar purchases would also be my recommendation really for the Shuttered Palace/Docks/Forgotten Quarter unless you happen tohave found the stuff beforehand by luck.

I’ve heard The Labyrinth of Tigers is the same. Apparently you get a guest pass (somehow) and inside you manage getting the 5000 for a season’s pass.[/quote]

Once your stats near the level recommended for an area you start drawing a card associated with that area that’ll let you temporarily visit it. And completing the first coil pays out a bunch of rats, so.
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Really, the Shuttered Palace seems like the only troublesome place to me… the Docks only requires Glim and Surface Currency, and there’s plenty of easy ways to make vast quantities of both, most notably in The Spite. The Forgotten Quarter is another matter, but while there’s no reliable way to get one of those street-signs, you only need ONE, so a single stroke of luck is all it really takes. And of course, The Flit is just a skill-check.

But 200 bottles of reasonably rare wine? That, you gotta WORK for.