A quick question...

So I was wondering if the storylets in The Court/Mahogany Hall/The University have max stat caps? I have been derailing from main content as of late and still find my stats increasing, fairly substantially and do not want to miss out on any of those stories for sure but I haven’t started on them at all yet.

To the vast majority Mahogany hall, the university (although i’ve not made by own department yet), and Empress’ Court content you can still get to if you’re overleveled. Perhaps not every single storylet (i’m skeptical on some of the lower level Court actions), but the big swaths of content, I know you can.

I’ve been worried about that sort of thing myself. I bought a silly hat for just such an occasion! It’s more prominent early in the game though.

Thanks! Yeah I have a few different things to reduce my stats too I was just curious. Still would like to hear for FBG at some point though… :), so I know for sure.