A question on the advent calendar

So, as I am sure people have noticed, the advent calendar of thsi year is a bit different. It shows you a picture of hte city with a window for each correspondign day. Now, yo usee, I had a little problem and stopped checking by the fourth day -stupid of me, I know, but I got a little distracted- but yet I could open the windows ranging from teh fifth to the seventh day, yet now I can’t open the window number 8 nro those past it, is htis a glitch? Do I need to wait a day? If nayone could provide me an answer to this question, I’d be most grateful.

The windows for the 8th to the 25th have yet to unlock - you’ll get one window a day. Windows from previous days remain accessible for a few days so that people who can’t log on every day can still enjoy the gifts.

Ahhh, understod, understood. I was a bit confused sicne the last time I checked hte windows weren’t marked by their ocrrespondign days so I thought I had went by all, or most, of the calendar. Thank you both for all of your answers.