A question on a lodgings card


I am rather new in the game (and completely new in the forum), and I noticed something strange with an opportunity card.

A couple of days ago I got the Cottage by the Observatory card, but I had no Mystery of the Elder Continent for the key so I saved it up for later. Now I have noticed that it only offers two choices, both locked by not having the key (the card’s name is &quotThe Sleepless Tower: Disturbances at a Cottage by the Observatory&quot). I do not recall discarding the other card (would have been by accident) and getting this new one. How could this have happened?



You can buy it in the Bazaar for 400 Jade.

Sorry, I am a bit lost here… I don’t see the key in any of the bazaar’s shops, and how does one pay with Jade? Maybe you don’t mean the Echo Bazaar?


It’s in the Bazaar tab! :) Penstock’s is the name of the store.

And the answer is … the game just changed. What was yesterday, isn’t today.