A Question of Lodgings

While happy to watch the Fisher Kings from my rooftop shack, I have heard rumour of improved housing. As an old zailor used to sharing a bunk, let alone having my own room, I am unsure whether it is worth spending my hard-earned baubles for a softer bed. A flophouse seems more like home, but I am someone comforted by my aloneness.

Advice, or a rumble at the docks, will be appreciated.

See this thread: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic20949-about-lodgings.aspx

For your character to develop into a POSI, it will be useful (maybe necessary) to have a Townhouse. The others are optional, but every residence carries a special content opportunity card that can earn Certifiable Scaps for you.

– Mal

Mal’s right. Even if you don’t choose to move into the Townhouse, you should still have it around in your Inventory, so that you can pass the requisite check for PoSI-ness. There are other options too, but a Townhouse also allows for numerous other advantages once you are a PoSI. Some PoSI items and schemes require it. Again, you don’t have to move into it if it’s out of character, but having it around is useful!

You need it for an Orphanage or a Salon, both of which are Affiliations. Get a townhouse if you are gunning for either of those. If not, you can pass the residences check for PoSI-ness (there are other checks too) by buying a lot of the lower-tier residences, but this will clutter up your opp. card deck and cause you to draw lots of lodging cards, which can be useful if you are seeking a vast quantity of certifiable scraps, but can also be a hassle if you are not. Your call, really. I like cozy beds.

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Also, as a side note, you’re not that long until Sacksmas, where you can acquire the 3-card remote address lodgings. Those will weed out often-less profitable cards (I’m looking at you, Starving Artist!) which are rather handy to have until you get to a 4 card lodging. They’re not too difficult to get either.

Don’t get the Flophouse - it is made of poo and stains your card deck.
Don’t get the Lair - it is made of mud and stains your card deck.
Don’t get the Bookshop - it is full of tears and stains your card deck.

Get the Rooftop, the Townhouse and others.

The Rooms above a Gambling Den have an option to convert some wine and sometimes money into a lot of Making Waves, which while worse than the Salon/Orphanage you can gain through a Townhouse is much easier to gain access to. The only City Vices card (aka ones Remote Addresses block) that I would consider useful at a lower level is Orthographic Infection, due to the Counting the Days option - a certain Violin from that is very handy at Sacksmas!

You don’t get presbyteran passphrases from her (on her other city vices card)?
(because A Visit is always the forger - he’s giving more stuff than she does - and his acquaintance feeds into getting slightly better profits when increasing her acquaintance)
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