A question about The Soul Trade

I’ve recently taken up the dark business of a Spirifer…but I am without my fork. I’ve recently fled the constables after a meeting, and I don’t seem to be making any more progress. I assumed the opportunity would pop up, but it’s been quite a while now and I am losing hope at ever being able to stab people and take their souls.

Can I get some advice?

I did this a few months ago when I traded in my Timepiece and I’m pretty sure that the RNG is just messing with you. If your worried about it, do a quick tour of Ladybones Road, The Veilgarden, Spite, Watchmaker’s Hill, and your Lodgings. I remember getting stuck because I thought I was waiting for a card but it turned out there was a storylet in one of those areas that I’d missed. Can’t remember which step it was though. If you can’t find anything spirifage related in those areas then just keep drawing cards and one day the RNG will see fit to grant you your dreaded Fork.

People are not sausages*, your fork is not for stabbing them!

  • Except under circumstances not generally applicable to the casual spirifer-about-town.

Obviously I’m not stabbing them WITH the fork, the stabbing just makes them move around less.

Oh, I dunno…if you stabbed me with a fork, I’d just move more. I wouldn’t get anywhere, you understand, if you ran the fork right through me and pinned me to something, but I’d surely be moving.

Either way, fork-stabbing or no, my frustration with this grows.

In all seriousness, I have &quotA Merchant of Souls&quot 3, and I have checked every location, including my lodgings. Am I supposed to draw a card from a specific place?

(It REALLY Frustrates me that I can’t just look this up on the wiki to know if there’s a problem or something specific I need to do to play this story I paid money for >_> )

Edit: AND THERE IT IS. It was a card, I drew it on ladybones road, though I don’t know if that was necessary. Thank you all for putting up with my whinging.
edited by Silverias on 11/23/2016