a question about the Empress' Shadow's classes


So, I just started playing the Empress’ Shadow, and I’ve been teaching classes for a little bit. I wanted to know if there’s any benefit for having specific students during the storyline?

Like, I’ve gotten the flavor text &quotYour class now has a connection to Mr Wines, in the person of the Nun&quot, does that mean that if I go through the story with her I’ll unlock something special to do with Mr Wines?

If so, is there an optimal class? Thanks!

There’s no optimal class because you can teach as many classes as you wish, with any composition. IIRC having specific students, or combinations thereof, unlocks specific cards at the finishing school. You will also need specific students to unlock options in the main story, but I’m pretty sure you can leave without progressing it to change classes.

Also, the suitable students (Anarchist, Nun, Bohemian, Urchin) allow you to progress without hindrance cards. Include one student from the unsuitable ones, and you might get a hindrance card - it is a watchful check that essentially consumes an action.

Haha, I’ve noticed that! With, I’m assuming, the Surface Visitor in my class, everyone wants to do nothing but spy on each other. Thank you!

Okay, that’s good to hear! Thank you. : D

Outside the story, the main thing is if you are farming a favor type include a studant that offers it (Revolutionaries, Bohemians, Church, Urchins, Great Game, Tomb Colonies, Docks, or Society (if you played Frequently Deceased). If you are farming money (and going for card refreshes) each unsuitable student has guaranteed items if you played a certain story in lieu of a favor, except the Eldest Daughter who requires a story anyway. It’s best for favor farming though. And as noted, certain stages of the story require certain students.

Certain students give extra flavour text during relevant festivals.

The benefits during the actual classes are minimal. I used to play a combination that provided a few echoes from something like maniac’s prayers and gave an uplift on – I think it was Persuasive. Always the urchin for favours.