A question about changing your destiny.

I feel a little bit embarrassed for asking such a simple question, but, does it cost Fate to change your destiny? And if so, how much? I got my first destiny without knowing what I was doing last year, and would very much like to get one that suits my character better this time around.

Yes, it costs 25 Fate to change your destiny.

I was very much afraid of that…

Also, it can only be changed at certain festivals, such at Hallowmas (coming this month, Christmas, and the Festival of the Sea

Other than having the fate needed, Is there anything in particular I need to do to change my destiny? I do I simply go through the same options again?

To change your Destiny on Hallowmas you’ll need to pick the last option on this. On Christmas you’ll need a bucket of Snow, and during the Fruits of the Zee Festival you’ll need a Strange Catch with a value of 5 or more.

edited by Sara Hysaro on 10/12/2015

Which destiny are you aiming for? There are some that unlock only after having played through certain stories, most of them Fate-locked.

The Road (Dangerous +5, Watchful +3)
Passion (Persuasive +5)
The Instrument (Dangerous +5)
Backstage (Shadowy +5, Persuasive +3)
Appetite (Shadowy +5) [this is available through both Fate-locked and free options]

Unlocked when you have a spouse:
The Oath (Persuasive +5)

Only for Name-Seekers:
Torment (all stats -3)

Appetite (Shadowy +5) [this is available through both Fate-locked and free options]
The Authority (Dangerous +5)
The Curator (Persuasive +5)
Gloom (Shadowy +5)
Gleam (Watchful +5)
The Memory (Watchful +5)
The Revelation (Watchful +5)[/spoiler]

I was hoping to change my destiny to the either the curator or the memory this year, as according to the descriptions available on the wiki they suit me far better than my current one. However considering the fact I only have 32 fate I should probably save that for a certain home-comfort this Christmas unless I can find a way to scrounge the extra 25 fate together in time.