A query on the subject of conversion

So, I was just wondering idly, does anyone know exactly how connected gets converted into renown / favours. Like, the actual ratio numbers? I have forty something urchins, and I want to know what that will translate towards in the update.

By good fortune, this has been covered in this week’s questions thread!

The formula is: Wanted_Renown * X + 21, where X was 5 for Rubbery and Docks and 4 for Tomb Colonies.
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Pretty sure it was 6 and 5? maybe I’m mistaken, but I know that some of the factions were only giving renown 50 for ~321. EDIT: In other words, they were not giving renown 50 for 300, or 271. I don’t think any faction gave renown 50 for connected 221 yet, either.
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(Connected -21) divided by 5 or 6. The 21 gives you 7 favours.

The first twenty-one levels of Connected get converted to Favors, at 3 levels of Connected per Favor. After that, levels of Connected are converted to levels of Renown at some fixed ratio that varies per faction. With factions we’ve seen so far, that ratio has been 5 or 6. If we assume the conversion ratio of 5, then 41 Connected: Urchins would convert to 7 favors and 4 Renown.

This is based on observation, FBG hasn’t stated what the conversions are supposed to be like. They can change their mind if they want to.

I heard rumors they based the formula on how high people’s connections were on average. So, factions with really high connections being easy to get (like bohemians or society) will probably have a harsher conversion. Something difficult like urchins or great game might be less harsh.

Which makes me wonder…will there be any such thing as Renown: Masters. There’s no item for them, and few get it beyond a couple points without actively trying

Maybe the one time stories will give renown, while grindable things like mr. pages or temple club give out favours. But there’s no way to convert between them.
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