A quaint discovery, close to home.

Has anyone else noticed that their ship is equipped with a (h)orn? It attracts the attention of nearby zee monsters, and is quite delightful in it’s own right.

I had often wondered if that was its purpose! Are you certain it works at drawing such attention? I’d be excited to know it has tactical value – though I agree the effect itself is entertaining, given the &quotfoghorn&quot style sound it makes.
edited by SouthSea Rutherby on 11/17/2014

Quite certain- You can test it yourself. Run yourself into, then out of a monsters range. Using the horn will increase it’s awareness from nothing to a question mark.

Pressing ‘h’ doesn’t seem to do anything for me??

I’m not sure what to tell you- It could be you speakers/headphones, as it is quite a low frequency sound. It could even be your ears! I would try different ones, if you please.

[color=#009900]I am pleased to say that we added this feature in response to a feedback request from our noble beta-testers.[/color]