A public apology for a rash of annoyingly early festive incidents.

"Perhaps, as the people of the neath, especially some constables and polite society have heard, i have indeed probably sent out a rash of notes… notes that i writ while drowning my troubles in the Refreshment Pavilion at the Carnival, but I say it was merely a bad day when it all happened! I swear! Dreaming down here is as dangerous as picking a constables pockets- aaaah! Metaphorically speaking, of course…
Anyway, it’s not like i sent out all that many… right? In either case, it’s the season of giving, so show some forgiveness… please?

Also… contrary to the rumors spread by the contents of the note, I most certainly did not go crashing around into people’s things on a Blemmigan-pulled Sleigh! Any witnesses to such an act merely saw someone else coincidentally getting such an idea, right around the same time all of the aforementioned notes were written. I don’t even think a Blemmigan can pull a Sleigh, or be drunk enough to do so, so perhaps these ‘witnesses’ are just liars. Yes, that’s it!

… as for rumors of me picking pockets, lets just say i haven’t stolen anything. I swear, i can reach into my pockets, and there’ll be no gems, or anything-

I best be leaving early now! No, that wasn’t a bunch of rubies or sapphires in my pocket that you saw just now! You’re imagining things! Again! Good day!"