A problem with my teleporting ship...

So, there I was, zailing across the dark zee, the game started to lag badly, so when I ported on Polythreme, I saved the game and restarted it, when I loaded my save…well, the game told me that an update moved my port(it did not, it only moved my ship), and asked me if I wanted to return to London, I said no to the law and here I am, far South, across the map, off the charts, off to the Elder continents!

Steam Community :: Mutual Aid a factor of UwU :: Screenshots (I sure hope posting a link to my steam profile’s pics isn’t a problem, but I doubt that it is).

(And seriously, you have to look at the screenshot to even think about what just happened).

(It does seem like I am amazing at discovering bugs, also, uploaded another screenshot of what you see past the Dawn Machine).

(Got into the Cumaean canal, this is getting crazy, the dock button doesn’t do anything, as I see).
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I’ve had similar issues a few times before. I don’t suppose you’re in the Zubmariner beta? I’ve been repeatedly teleported exactly one tile to the east of the point I was docked upon loading the save.