A potentially momentous decision

I have been working with a Certain Person in the Labyrinth of Tigers and now it appears that I need to make a decision to either support them in their plans or step away. It’s a difficult choice. On the one hand, I cannot help but think that the likelihood of success is…not good. On the other…I really don’t like Devils.

I presume that nothing is going to happen right away no matter what I choose, but I am really stuck. Its Fate-locked so I know no details, but perhaps a hint or two?

Are you the kind of person to throw caution to the wind? Do you have anything better to do? Do you feel comfortable with your character doing this?

I modeled my character as a soldier and deserter looking for redemption, and what better redemption could there be than taking this individual up on his offer?

Honestly, you will not get anything at present that distinguishes either choice beyond an accomplishment. However, I thought it was worthwhile.

And my, what a war it shall be.

It may be worthwhile to consider that this person, and those he opposes, are not the only two factions in the Neath at cross purposes. Surely other parties will be interested in your choice, whatever it is. There may be other allies – or enemies – to be made as Destiny takes its course.

Being the “For Your Own Good” type is very rarely my character’s Thing, but in this instance he felt that getting the law involved was still a far better outcome than the other worst cases he could bring to mind.