A Portrait of your character!


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Oh, Estelle, please… my eyes… ;)

Rupho has a deep, tragic crush on July, so I had to do her:

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[quote=Rupho Schartenhauer]
Rupho has a deep, tragic crush on July, so I had to do her[/quote]
:naughty: Here, let me ruin that crush for you with something from the past

I have never had much love for modern art… ;)

Estelle, I do sometimes wonder about you, I do.

Me too, then I snapped somewhere along the way and never did that again.
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I decided to also do Gloria, though this creator won’t manage Madison or Delmar very well so those will have to wait.

Gloria is significantly more patient than Sara is.

It was difficult for me, given the clothing and eye options. Don’t think I could have made the portrait look more Asian. Still, relatively satisfied with the results.

Those… mouth-eyes?.. eye-mouths?.. are really disturbing. Even more so than the color scheme. Well done, Great Sun Jester!

Gloria is also, if I may say so, one very attractive woman. No seriously, good work!

What a nice doll maker! My Daniel is technically a male, but he’s also FABOLOUS and ambiguous, so this portrait thing will do.
Behold the scoundrel. The scar is on the wrong eye, but overall I’m satisfied.

Also, I like Estelle’s works. Remember me of those funky images Google made with neural networks.
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At Parthenaeum, having a quiet word with the Chief Constable:

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Blaine, I faced a bit of the same problem in trying to make Parelle look Eurasian but I settled on these eyes - note both that she’s Stormy-Eyed and is wearing a Respectable Grey Gown

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Delicious friends,

I made a small mistake in my OP: the Haunted Portrait Creator wasn’t &quotmade by&quot Doll Divine, it is but hosted on their site, too.

The creator was made by Rinmaru Games; and if you use it on their own site, you’ll notice that the Save button works there! :)

Thank you Sinnouk for bringing this to my attention!
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Well, this looks really good fun. I am tempted to make something and start an alt just for it. A pity there isn’t a male version of this game specifically, since it looks very classy.

I suggest you don’t use the save function provided by the game, since it save as .jpg and the quality is lower than a screenshot.

I made two.


^This one is based on some con artist who claims you can subsist on nothing but air.


^ Pearly-white psycho

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A certain Affable Spy…

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Oh, that ones very nice.

Here’s a portrait of my main character courtesy of the Haunted Portrait generator. She’s holding a Waxwail Knife, of course, and wearing a Parabola Linen Frock (not to be confused with her Strange Shore Parabola Frock):

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Here’s an old sketch I did a few weeks ago. When I’m less busy I may redraw or use the doll maker.




Idk, it feels kinda generic, and not really reminiscent of the barely-sentient man-eating abomination Call’s become after Flint.

Not really for males, so adjusted an image to fit
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