[A pile of letters to the various newspapers of London] Constables and Anarchists, worrying implications, and rag-based concerns.

[A few envelops seem to have been scattered all around carelessly in a pile in them middle of a road, possibly a careless mishap of postal service mess-ups. Anyone picking through the letters would notice the letters go to the addresses of several newspapers, but they all say the same thing when read…]

"It has come to my attention that after being victim of several attempts at being recruited by terrors known as Anarchists, and reporting it to the Constables several times, that clothing of the dead anarchists is becoming ‘too’ much of a traditional repayment for keeping the respectable citizens of London safe from being blown too bits.

Perhaps the Constables may feel it’d be a shame to let clothing go to waste, or perhaps think the victims of the pressured recruitment might want the clothing as trophies… but yet, my concern is, for all of the wrongs by these sorts of terrorists sent to the gallows, i feel they should at least deserve to have their modesty left in tact by not depriving them of clothing after death. I do not say this out of sympathy for any of the undesirables, but rather because i feel it sets the constables in a new and bad light… as if giving garbage to citizens to dispose of for them! As we speak, i have a crate full of clothing nearly over full from several of these repeating incidents.

My other concern is that the constables never seem to stop these terrorists known as Anarchists from their recruitment by annoyance, at least not in a manner that is efficient… Then again, i also wonder how these same terroristic recruiters gain members when they seem to be slain en masse. This leads me to suspect that some Anarchist-sympathies lay among the more corrupt of the Constables that may mean they secretly let the Anarchist’s on death row go free, and send the clothing out to make it look like the deaths happened, when in fact they probably never did…

As respectable citizens of London, we should be given better signs of assurance of the immediate permanent executions of these monsters that are Anarchists, and removal of their spies from the inner-workings of our law enforcement, lest our fine town become overrun by these ne’er-do-wells!
In addition, i firmly believe that compensation should be forthcoming, for those souls similar to me that were left to dispose of the clothes to begin with…"

[At the bottom of the letters, they all read…]
“From Sophia Harrow, with sincere concerns of the safety of London’s future.
P.S. I request you withhold my name, and just anonymously put these in, assuming that is if you -do- put these into the papers, as i fear the what may happen if this stuff becomes public. I am sure that you understand. Either way, i wish you a good day, and a happy Feast of the Exceptional Rose”


Honestly! My calling is to be a silverer, but I might as well be a licentiate with all of the people I have executed everyday. And why those anarchists keep coming back I’ll never know…