A Person of Some Little Consequence

Just started the &quotA Person of Some Little Consequence&quot storylet after hitting Persuasion 100. However, the first actually challenge involves going to watchmakers hill and complete an action requiring 100 Dangerous (or buy out with fate). Is that normal? Shouldn’t I have to go to Veilgarden for Persuasion?[li]

You need all stats at 100 to become a Person of Some Importance. 1 stat being at 100 just triggers the storyline.

well, crap. Back to work then

Sorry, alberdeen, but you’ve only just gotten started on a rather long & VERY expensive (but profitable) endeavour. It was weeks of frustration & heartache before I made it through to Person of Some Importance, and then MORE frustration while I acquired my first ship. It’s all up from here, my friend.