A Person of Some Importance

I can’t figure out how to gain the attribute A Person of Some Importance! What do I have to develop; Shadowy, Watchful?

You have to develop all four.

Right, but to what numbers, about?

High. Don’t worry about it too much; you’ll know it when you see it. The frequency of the card/s you need to get is pretty high once they’re unlocked.

At least one of your qualities needs to be at 100 before you will receive the opp card.
At that point you will need either all of your qualities at 100 to proceed, or you may spend a small amount of Fate to skip having a quality at that level.

I would suggest that you not be in so great a rush to become a person of some importance that you rush through lower level stories to attain higher quality. The fun comes not for being “Important” but in getting there.

Also, you might want to start saving up your items before you become Important. You’ll need every scrap you have.

[quote=Nigel Overstreet]
At that point you will need either all of your qualities at 100 to proceed, or you may spend a small amount of Fate to skip having a quality at that level.[/quote]

Don’t use Fate to skip the other qualities. It’s not worth it. Afterwards, challenges for different qualities have a tendency to get mixed together, a single area (like Hunters Keep) might have skill checks for both Watchful and Persuasive, some of the sidestreet items you need for the ship might require Dangerous to grind for, and so on. So you’ll just get stuck anyway if you skip some of those checks with Fate. Just get your way up to 100/100/100/100 naturally. Or more than 100/100/100/100, since there’s also requirements for lodgings and clothes and so on, which you might have to grind for.

Does becoming a POSI require you to have a hard level of 100 in each stat, or can you do it with items? If so, do you have to have all four stats at or over 100 before the option to become one presents itself. I’m at a point now where I can get all my stats to 100 with items, but not all at the same time. Just wondering if that means I’ve got to wait a while, or level up some more. I’m a little impatient to get myself a boat so I can play Sunless Seas with the bonuses and pretend it’s my FL character.

As soon as any one stat reaches 100, with gear, you will get the opportunity to start the journey to POSI. The first four checks need 100 in each stat but you can use gear to play them.

I found that the easiest way to pass the POSI stat checks is with temporary +30 boosts from rare opportunities “A dusty bookshop” and “A little omen”. That’s how I passed 2 of the checks.

Both start appearing in all locations at Watchful 10, but they are rare. Still, once you’ve started on POSI questline, you can just wait until the next time it appears and then choose the one that is the next roadblock.

Still, it means that to pass your stat must be at least 70 with gear excluding the head (you need to equip the “moods” as hats).

Juggling your equipment gets you where you want to go. Provided you can nudge each one to 100.

And the option appears in your lodgings? Strange that I haven’t seen anything. I’ve had skills over 100 for a few months now and nothing is showing.

The first bit is a card (one of four) along the lines of ‘Probably not a coincidence’. If you’ve done that bit, she should be waiting in your lodgings. If you can’t find her there, take a look in Watchmaker’s Hill, the Veilgarden, Spite, and Ladybones road, and see if there are any gold-bordered storylets waiting for you. If not, I’d suggest contacting support.
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Becoming POSI starts with an opportunity card. After that you will have a storylet in your lodgings.

Doesn’t it also start with a branches on either of the four “your neighbors” storylets (which are now under “FIND NEW STORIES: chat with the local gossip”)? (the bphemian sculptress, clay coalman, urchin on your roof, and loquacious vicar)

Yep! You can certainly force the quest that way.