A Peculiar Happening

After the tutorial update, I attempted to log back into my savefile, &quotaperhapsdeath&quot and found that my ship is simply in the middle of nowhere when I remember that I stopped by Gaider’s Mourn. I checked the map, and it looks…strange as well. Perhaps these pictures will provide a better image.

This is what I see when I attempt to load &quotaperhapsdeath&quot


This is what I see when I press &quotm&quot


Now, after pressing m and checking out the rest of the map…


What I did beforehand this was sail the Sea of Apis, losing all my crew, hull reduced to one, and obtained the Touch of the South. I sailed westward to the city of mirrors, then north to Gaider’s Mourn. I was hoping to log back on to sail back to London…

Also, this is the first map that came out months ago before the map shuffling business. I wasn’t dead yet, and I figured I’d choose the chart bonus so that I would still know where all the locations were (yes, I chose chart upon deat). Anyways…has anyone else experienced this?

On another note, I attempted to open the game again, but no luck. Seems as though it’s still happening. I have another save file that puts me in Zero’s Town, but I honestly don’t want to do the whole thing with the losing the whole crew and sailing to the city of mirrors…
edited by Chessure on 1/22/2015

It’s save file problems. Submit a bug report. Same thing happened 2 me and a couple other people.
edited by nameless on 1/22/2015

Fascinating. Thanks!