a peculiar enhancement

Dear friends,

I was enjoying racing at the shroom-hopping [the fate-locked option, to be clear] and during one of the runs I got an opportunity card with a rubbery man. From what I understood, the strange fellow was ready to pass me a Stone tentacled key, but only if I were in possess of a peculiar personal enhancement.

Considering that, from what I have understood, this specific kind of key is very precious for the future, I was wondering how you can get this enhancement… is it a fate-locked option somewhere? are there other non fate-locked ways to get it?

The Enhancement is a Fate-locked content, available from a Fate locked location related (naturally) to the Rubbery Men.
I will, however, observe that a tentacled key is very easy to obtain once you have a ship.

It is indeed a fate-locked option available… [color=#ffffff]after you’ve been expelled from the University and gone to Flute street where the Rubbery men dwell. [/color]There are, however, non-fate locked ways to get the abovementioned key if you are willing to brave the dangers of the Unterzee and visit people who choose to live their lives away from the crowds and the fog of Mother London.

So, just to be clear: will I need a vessel to access this content?

You can acquire a Stone-Tentacle Key through non-fate means, but you need a Vessel, yes.

You may also acquire it a number of other ways that are fate-locked (such as what the OP mentions).

What level should your stats be before taking such a trip is recommended?

You’ll need to be a PoSI. At least 125 in all stats is recommended.

For Hunter’s Keep at least you should be fine if your watchful and persuasive are at least 120. Even if you fail a challenge, there are options there to reduce your menaces (and get rewards for doing so).

It looks as though you’re a Vake Hunter and as such you’re going to need a ship long before you’re going to need the key. Don’t worry overly much about getting it right now.