A not so modest proposal

Intriguing idea. I asked Dr. Schlomo about it, and he told me this: “We must be still and still moving for a deeper communion with the dark cold and the empty desolation. Three dreams cross, here.”

I indeed sunk, beyond the pitchest dark sheets of solitude, and found silence. I stared, then vanished, as soon as I remained thoughtless. I crave light, still death tides me tight.

Consider whether there is an end to the prayer of the bone upon the beach. Perhaps the sky will open for you.

…I don’t understand in the least what you’re suggesting - neither the problem you’re claiming or the solution you’re offering for it.

I asked dearest Dr. Schlomo about it, in hopes that he could shed some of his wisdom.

&quotAnd they shall wear a face that is not theirs, cast waxward from the hills of light. The morning comes to consciousness.&quot

I have come to the conclusion that you are a Snuffer nursing a hangover.[li]
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…same. What exactly is play-by-chat? Does it have something to do with pen-and-paper style roleplaying?[li]

For my measure I believe they are suggesting replacing Fallen London as it exists with essentially a FBG moderated play-by-post forum RP with more classical RPG mechanics.
When asked for clarity Schlomo responded
&quotOther withered stumps of time were told upon the walls. Waves wash over the ragged rock in the restless waters.&quot[li]
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…why would you do that? D:[li]
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I don’t think ‘replace’ so much as ‘extend’. Now I admit I’m not really one for serious RP’ing, but it was my understanding that this basically already happens in a number of places (although, perhaps more freeform than Xaphedo is envisioning? But nothing stops you from advertising your own, crunchier game).

So it seems like the solution is to go into the Singing Mandrake subforum and advertise your RP. Down the road some kind of official recognition outside the forums is a neat thought, but for now all the tools you normally use to RP plus finding people on the forum and/or IRC seems like your best bet.

Wasn’t someone already working on a Fallen London P&P RPG?

If they were just suggesting that I don’t think they’d call it a Big and Scary change. Especially given their comments on Server usage.[li]

See? Schlomo agrees with me… I think.
&quotRenounce the voice; you cannot hope to turn again. Your shadow at morning striding behind you, or your shadow at evening rising to meet you.&quot
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They did say it wouldn’t be mandatory, however.

Edit: Not that I’d want this feature. Given its description of &quotbig and scary&quot I can only imagine it being distracting to players who don’t want to use it.
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I’ve tried reading the OP a couple times now, and it’s still just like climbing up vaseline, not gonna lie.

tilts headtilts head the other way …nope. I don’t understand. Is this a thing that’s happening? Because really, aggressively, Do Not Want. I avoid chat-based…anything like the plague, and I would really rather it didn’t become part of my favourite game.
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For those puzzled by Dr Schlomo’s willingness to pronounce on this subject, which admittedly lies somewhat outside his acknowledged expertise, I should perhaps mention that he recently achieved digital apotheosis on #fallenlondon, where he dispenses terse advice and occasional demands for beetles. He offered me this epigram:

[quote]Hidden under coral islands where worried bodies of drowned men drift down in the green silence. I was neither living nor dead, and I knew nothing.[/quote]I confess that, in my ignorance, I am sometimes compelled to solicit interpretations of his interpretations. But if I pursue this procedure long enough, I am invariably assured of his robust good sense.
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… I genuinely cackled out loud.

Edit: I’ve never heard of play by chat? It sounds like … you know when you accidentally get taken to sites with moving images on repeat of women in their smalls looking bored and apparently wanting nothing more than to talk to you … oh … that’s just me? Anyway - that’s the only thing I could think of. Rubbery Man, remove your hat. Oh god. No! Put it back. My eyes!
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Thirdly be grimmer as fond brevities. Eider with alders. And erethism safer.

Goden? Furred capering the walkskies?[li]

We feel like this thread is missing an OP. There is a truly glorious response in its place, however. If only we knew what it was talking about. [li]

EDIT: Our concerns have since been addressed.
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I’ve wondered what had happened to that.

After much tilting of head, and turning the OP around and reading it sideways and upside-down and inside out (and then eating some of it), I think I MAY understand? Due to the way it’s written, it READS an awful lot like a response to something, but I believe it’s their offering of the idea (my uncertainty is that I have NO idea what “play-by-chat” is), and them offering their own knowledge of the subject to see if anyone may be interested in it.