A Nocturnal Visitor to the Palace Cellars

Has anyone progressed past 4 with a Nocturnal Visitor to the Palace Cellars card - is there something I’m missing with this story? I mean, it’s a nicely profitable opportunity card (I only get the one where you visit again, with candles, candles and a rat, or honey) but if the story goes further I’d like to know.

I have it up to five. I expected something to happen, but nope. Playing the card again does not raise the quality more, and I haven’t seen anymore cards to progress the story.

But I want to know what’s in the d----d cellar!

Bring a rat

Well, that will show us what it is, but not -what- it is…

As in many things, the University holds much knowledge . . .

Is the option still open if you have kicked already?

Not sure what you mean, but you’re able to do all the actions at 5 as you can on 4.

Baronelectric referenced that the story might continue at the university, or was simply referencing what you can learn about the duchess there.

To make things clearer, you learn about what’s inside the Cellar, if you kick yourself out of the University.

Popping this over to the Bazaar.

That’s interesting - do I understand correctly that one cannot so discover if one chooses to conceal truth and protect the Provost?

To make it even clearer, you discover what’s in the Cellar as part of the investigation that may or may not get you kicked out of the University in the end.