A New Category!

A bit behind the fair, I’d say, since we aren’t sending any more Sacksmas cards, but there is a new category under the &quotMyself&quot tab. &quotRandomizer&quot gives the numeric value of Airs of London/The Forgotten Quarter&quot so we don’t have to open our profile page to find it.

– Mal

Nice! I wonder if bundles / unpredictable treasures show up there too?

Pilfered Sack is still in Circumstances

Hey, cool.

I first noticed it when I was in the Grey Vineyard; it had appeared for “A Wind from the Mountain” (a quality I still have, by the way), but nothing else was in there at the time. I’m glad they decided to bundle the rest of the Airs under that heading, though I hope someone can fix the spelling. Oxford is still on the Surface, and we reject wanton overuse of the letter z on anything non-nautical.

Ooh - nice. I hope they use it for all randomised functions. I can confirm that it isn’t used for the Sacksmas Regiment Sack.

Bundles of Oddities do not go into this category.

It’s only for randomizer quantities, I believe, not for random items.

– Mal

Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure is the quality that determines the reward of an expedition.

Still available as a Scrapbook option, and not visible under the Randomizer category.