A New Campaign in the Parabolan War!

[color=#ff3366]Today we’re launching a short new expansion to the Parabolan War, available to all players who have access to the Dolorous Pavilion and have completed at least one campaign.

A pilgrim has entered your Pavilion, dressed in Second City finery and his eyes alight. A debt must be repaid, he says. There is an ancient palace, of mortal construction and sequestered in dream. He plans to lay siege to it, with your assistance, and bring ruin upon the one who dwells within.

A Second City Vengeance is a free and permanent addition to Parabola, exploring a Parabolan conflict that falls outside of typical battle lines. It does not feature unique rewards, but those who have played the Exceptional Story ‘The Attendants’ may encounter a familiar face.

The campaign can be started from ‘The Cause of War’ in your Pavilion.

Very nice, looking forward to checking it out. It wouldn’t let me appoint a general, is that by design?

Edit: or go to London on the second leg. Are both of these perhaps normal for a short campaign? Been so long since I did any but the five-parters.
edited by Tsar Koschei on 2/1/2022

I’m not surprised by either of those. Neither Generals nor going to London are available in the Tutorial campaigns, and Generals are also not available vs Yourself. I was hoping we might get one of them, but no dice.

There’s more narrative content here than in several of the other campaigns. I rather enjoyed the new story. I’m also noticing a trend of 2nd City content and The Attendants tie-ins, and wondering if we should be expecting something in the future.

I definitely hope so! I’m a sucker for all things 2nd City-related and The Attendants were one of my favourite Exceptional stories of all time.

Looking forward greatly to playing this campaign as soon as my actions allow. Is it repeatable like the other campaigns, or is it a one shot?

[quote=Sir Reginald Monteroy]
Looking forward greatly to playing this campaign as soon as my actions allow. Is it repeatable like the other campaigns, or is it a one shot?[/quote]

This time there’s even a narrative justification for it, beyond the normal &quotParabola is impermanent&quot one.

Very nice experience with some fine exposition and a few hints to the deeper Neathy lore. It was also quite nice to meet one old acquaintance, I rather enjoyed the opportunity.

One thing is becoming a pet peeve of mine lately - that there is no mention of or use for the Courteous Assistant, even though this would have been the perfect opportunity.

As it stands, she is the only one of the three advanced attribute-granting Lost & Found Companions who isn’t Best in Slot. Furthermore, she is also the only one who doesn’t seem to have any other use at all, at least none I have been able to find. Even the opportunity for a token usefulness in the Library research has been missed.

This means that she is currently the single least useful/interactive of the high-end Lost & Found Companions, with even the cheaper Tabitha Murgatroyd outperforming her.

I find this quite sad, as she is one of my favourite ES characters, and the game of Hide-and-Seek with her has been the high point of my character’s thrills. Heck, I found it more disconcerting than going face-to-face with a ravenous Parabolan space-wind or a full-grown Spider-Council.

I’d love to have a chance to meet the intriguing lady once again…