A New Boat Idea

So, I was thinking that there should be some more useable boats added. An idea I had would be a boat that has a very different play style than any other. Picture this: a really sturdy boat with very high hull and added Iron that, instead of shooting things at enemies, rams them to damage them, does a large amount of stagger, and slightly damages itself in the process. Something along the lines of a ship that plays like a zee monster. Maybe it could even look like one, have a cool dragon figurehead. Possibly stylized after an Athenian trireme. [li]


Okay, for serious - I have no idea how easy that would be to implement and balance, but it is a jolly fun idea. Perhaps with the expansion pack, given the use of submarines (in both real-life history and Vernean fiction) to pierce enemy ships’ hulls?

It might be hard to add ramming mechanics all of a sudden. Thought I do wanna ram mt. Nomad’s ugly non-face…

I like this idea. I kinda like the idea that you can get ahold of boats that - while unbalanced (against the favor of the user) - is loads of fun for a while.

One thing: It is somewhat disappointing that you can only buy ships in London. It would be nice to have other, exotic kinds of ships available from other locations. As it stands, the “Shipyard” thing might as well be a storylet in London if it wasn’t for the information density of ships, and even then…

Yeah, what I was really thinking was that this ship could maybe be given to you by the Khan, since it seems like the kind of thing they’d own. Another idea which I’ve seen on other threads is a living boat of some sort. Similar to the Tree of Ages, but one that you own and control. I was thinking this could come from Kingeater’s castle or one of the more mysterious southern areas.

Definitely agree there should be more ships, and available at more locations.


  • Pirate-type vessels: Gaider’s Morn, Isle of Cats. Those pirate vessels have to come from somewhere right? Could be better suited to smuggling and give better bonuses to avoid getting busted (better than that useless cargo mod), but wouldn’t be that strong. Would still have all gun slots though.
  • Living Ships: Elder Continent (Adam’s Way). Though there’d have to be specific conditions for it, since I doubt the Presbyterate would just sell them to anyone. Possibly extra mission from the broker, or something that proves your worth to the Presbyter? Also, would the living ships - given that they tend to leave a trail of blood behind them as they move - attract sea creatures more than usual? Make it almost impossible to hide/run from sea creatures?
  • Khanate Trimarans and/or other high-tech (ish) vessels: Khan’s Heart/Khan’s Glory. Again, there’d have to be conditions for these due to their mistrust of foreigners, e.g. need to get Khanate empire rating above a certain point? Or possibly get it from one of the clans (could add ability to increase favour with a third clan, which specialises in ships maybe)?
  • Freaky demonic ships: Iron Republic of course! Could be a really strong ship with all the gun ports and decent cargo space - but the ship itself is terrifying for its crew (terror goes up even in bright port areas with lights on).
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I have been having the same idea, I like to imagine what ships could be sold at ports that i dock at. Infernal ships that break the laws of nature from the iron republic, whaling clay ships staffed by clay men (finished or unfineshed) from Polythreme, mysterious Ireme puzzle ships that have been, are, and will be at their next destination (for a price), and my personal favorite, FUNGUS SHIPS!!! They use modified pneumatic ratsenders to launch hordes of non-docile blemmings to consume the crew of the enemy ship, or the flesh of a hostile zee beast!!!

From your inquisitive engineer,

Oh I can imagine it now. Steel twisted into the grotesque shape of a monstrous zee beast. Glim lamps to trick others into seeing an angler crab. Oh the possibilities!!![/li][li]
[/li][li]Perhaps it is a product of a mad inventer from the Chelonate.[/li]
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This idea will be explored for future releases in the Unnecessary Overhaul mod.

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