A New Boat AND Quest Idea

So, I originally intended this to be a part of my New Boat Idea thread, but I decided against it when I further developed this idea in my mind thoughts. So picture this: You get to become the captain of a cruise ship, and ferry passengers around all over the place. I think of this as a kind of expansion of the Last Tour quest, maybe something given to you after you’ve completed the tour a few times. This ship would completely change the play style of the game. It would allow you to find passengers from other various places on the map - not just the tomb colonies - and ferry them to other ports in exchange for cool stuff. Different ports and different special passengers would give you different things. It would change the game to a style more focused around getting places as fast as you possibly can, and having a really large hold in your cruise ship. I’m thinking something along the lines of driving the Titanic or Lusitania. These ideas are really more focused towards mod developers, so if any see this, consider this idea and maybe incorporate it into a mod of some sort? It’ll be fuuuuuuun…

To be looked into in 3rd release of Unnecessary Overhaul.

Dear God… That’s some good quality songwriting there. I actually had an idea once upon a time to start a YouTube channel where I write and sing song parodies based on Sunless Sea and Fallen London. I think you should take my idea and run!

But yeah, Foxman, get on with Christening that cruise ship “The Majestic Love Yacht” right away!

Now I had a different, and quite silly idea. A new officer. The Clueless Tourist. Vaguely based on Terry Pratchett’s Twoflower and other, similar people. Instead of a normal story quest, he’d come up to you and give you money to drive him to a certain port on the map. In some ports, you’d get storylets about him, where he’d innocently walk into danger and you’d have to risk crew and limb to get him back out.