A Neat Lttle Insult

Can we all just appreciate the whole &quotLord Mayor&quot bit the Jovial Contrarian pulled? On the surface, it looks like one last gag from a mayor-ship filled with them. But when you think about it, it really is a clever way of insulting her. Not in a sexist way, but by giving the fiercely republican devil an aristocratic title. Love it. What do you guys think?

You have a point.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Contrarian in his last moment. That is why I adore him so much and would vote twice for him if I could. With one clever word he made a bigger impact than Feducci’s dynamite two years ago.

Truly a masterpiece from the master of verbal combat. And I say that as someone who voted against him, twice, and voted for Virginia. Even if he’s not technically winning, he’s making your victory taste sour.

My Lord, Jules, I just managed to do the story!
Wait a minute! High up in the sky?

On topic - two captioned panels from my Journal ::

The Roof-Tops: Urchins are meeting. ‘Politics’ differ up in Flit. In the shadow of All Christs Spire, where urchins meet, banter, boast, and trade with adult counterparts. Gloomy, i gift the new weasel and just listen a bit.

29 July, 1897 (The Flit)
They’re an eery lot, the gangs of kids who rule the roofs of London. They hear things up there, things the wind forgot.

Innocent? &quotSkinny&quot weasel is entered in an ‘election’-race. Red paper horns - to play Virginia - another, white curly moss-wig , the last, a muzzle veil. The Winner? A one-legged bat craps on, & flaps off, the prize - as &quotVirgina&quot gets to the cheese.

29 July, 1897 (The Flit)
The urchins here adore your weasel. You’re reasonably certain they’re going to feed him and train him, not shave him or fricassée him. They’ll remember your face.

-:- Y. &quotDrazzle F. Psmyth - Shoshana stalwart - Hope Dreams On !! -:-
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((PS)) :: ALSO - The Jolly Contrarian has not just jeered, but engineered the insult, in machinations with The Throne (the paradoxical pragmatic philosoph Anarch) - THUS - we might expect the title ‘LORD’-Mayor may well have certain new constraints, as well as greater reach of Office :: I DO believe the retiring Mayor has bridled and reined his successor - to her vivid outrage and indignity - if secretly, as yet !!!

-:- Psmyth - tarot shuffle drazzler and racconteur -:-
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Emphasises Mrs P’s point about Virginia the nominal revolutionary having the heart of an aristocrat. Which is further reinforced by Virginia’s retort being threatening to hunt the Contrarian down like an animal - a taste of what’s to come in her term, I imagine.

Eh, let her come. This is a city where one quarter of the people have decided to hunt the Vake for sport. I imagine she is not going to be very happy in her chair.

And thank you, Lord Asimov, for the pointer. I hadn’t noticed the ramifications of the insult but it is, indeed there!

Wait, she did what?!

The threat was not explicit, but I feel justified in my reading.

The threat was not explicit, but I feel justified in my reading.[/quote]
Bad winner. She’s a bad winner :P

The threat was not explicit, but I feel justified in my reading.[/quote]

I agree. That’s my reading as well.