A Name Known to Many [solved]

  • There’s an unusual statue atop the Eclipse Tavern, recently reopened. &quotCome in, come in! 'Ave a pint!&quot It shifts to another, equally uncomfortable-looking pose. &quotObviously I’m not a statue. I’m just here to draw in business for the pub. But you - you’re a real artist, aren’t you? Where do I know you from? Bet you don’t stoop to things like this.&quot -

I had this show up while playing, and while I assume it’s referring to the changes mentioned in http://www.failbettergames.com/upcoming-changes-to-early-content/ and a couple of the threads here, I wasn’t sure that I should go off-topic in those conversations with my query.

So far I’ve done a whole bunch of stuff with Persuasive, produced several &quotsomewhat challenging&quot Symphonies, helped construct my Zubmarine using the ideas from my Tale of the Future, become A Legendary Charisma, and done everything I know of shy of being kicked out of the Empress’ Court and/or engaging in a certain scandalous group activity upon her throne.

But, as I’m sure I’d skipped past stuff in the early game (and there’s a lot of stuff I don’t quite remember - as I noticed when I was asked about what I did with the Spider-Council) I’d like to set this Tracker as early as possible, and I’d like to be certain that I’m clicking the right thing before doing so.
The options presented to me are these:

  • You’re striving to become Imperial Artist-in-Residence.
  • You’re romancing the Court.
  • You’re acquainting yourself with the circles in the Shuttered Palace.
    (the above three require The Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball)
  • You mix with the cream of Veilgarden Society.
  • You’ve been investigating the secrets of Veilgarden, and working on your own prose.
  • You’ve been exploring the wonders of the honeyed world.

By the looks of it, ‘Exploring the wonders of the honeyed world’ is the earliest of them as it requires Persuasive 14, and is the one I’m looking to pick. But I just wanted to check with the forums to see if they had any insights or advice, before I do. ^_^

Edit: Apparently the thread has been locked. I can try to send you a message when I reach that point, metasynthie, but at the moment I don’t have an answer for you.
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[color=#009900]We’ve got some helpful metatext coming in a few minutes which will make things clearer.[/color]

Well, I never met-a-text I didn’t like.

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for it.
(Hopefully I’ll still have the option to use this Tracker to go back and re-experience stuff I’d forgotten. :3 )
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Loo late for me… I already picked the option I shouldn’t have (having no idea that it was final choice)… and it kicked me back. Quite far back.

Ow. That was Punishing! :-p

^ Which is exactly what I’m looking for. :-)

Edit: Cyril, Alexis has suggested someone else send an email to bugs@failbettergames.com , in http://community.failbettergames.com/topic20334-making-your-name-becoming-persuasive.aspx , so perhaps this might be the answer to your situation.
(I’d recommend doing that sooner rather than later, as they won’t likely be fixing these things for long now that the text on the options have been updated.)

Double-Edit: Alternately, try using http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/a/anameresigned - I’m told that will reset it, once.
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So if you were doing multiple things in Court at the same time, like the Barbed Wit/Acclaimed Beauty storyline while also doing the Imperial Artist-in-Residence storyline, you have to pick one or the other?

Very interesting and I thank you for the persuasive boost of 6 levels.

Kittenpox: yes, “you’ve been exploring the wonders of the honeyed world” sends you back the furthest in the Persuasive checkpoint-stories. From what I’ve gone through so far:

  • You’ve been exploring the wonders of the honeyed world – gives you a Must storylet that is set right after finishing your first Mushroom Epic.

  • The next step seems to be to finish a Seduction venture with either the Honey-Sipping Heiress or the Honey-Sipping Jewel-Thief. Once you conclude your affair (which you need to wait on Opportunity cards in Veilgarden for – this might be the trickiest bit for unfamiliar players in terms of progress) you get another Must storylet that boosts your Persuasive, changes quirks, and sets your artistic school. (I suspect this is the second-to-last choice you list above.)

  • After that I’m guessing you need to get Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball. But I’m stymied as to how to regain this quality as all the previously accessible Persuasive storylets are gone; all I’m seeing in Veilgarden related to A Name Signed with a Flourish is working on short stories, some low-level grinds, Dabble in the Great Game (the ventures of which don’t seem to be affected by this update) but no “start to mix with the cream of Society” stuff

Is anyone at the “Darling” stage, and do you know where the storylets are?

So if the Artist-in-Residence thing is still the final story that gets a person kicked out of court, that means that one must have already concluded the romances earlier? Is that why that option leads to references to an earlier or ongoing romance?
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