A Most Profitable Invitation

Having enjoyed myself in Fallen London for several weeks now, I have moved on to the next logical step - proselytizing. I’ve been mentioning the game to various friends, and cajoling them into giving it a try. Of course, there are several ways to send an invitation to another player, with some benefit for me and/or them if it’s picked up… so I’ve been wondering which to use when I’ve talked someone around to trying it out.

Which ‘invite’-option gives most benefit to me? Which gives most benefit to my buddy starting out? And which of these can be ‘reliably’ accessed, without having to wait for some random Opportunity to come my way?

EDIT: Traipsing around the wiki a bit, I found mention of an entire storyline that can be unlocked by inviting a friend to join you with the ‘Invite like-minded poets down here’ option from Veilgarden’s ‘Literary Ambitions’ section… but I can find no such option there. Is it discontinued? Or unfinished? Or maybe just moved? Getting access to an entire storylet would certainly be more worthwhile than some random loot…
edited by BlakeTheDrake on 3/20/2015

it does seem to have vanished… i don’t know what else to say, sorry.

I’ve heard that the link on your mantle can reward you with coffee.