A most amazing thing happened:

I was sailing, out in the open, and a notification popped up on the lower right, where they usually do.[li]

Two of my crew members, the Campaigner and the Sigil-Ridden Navigator, were talking!

It was shown in a little box (as text), but it shocked me how my usually stoic and non-commnicative crew had suddenly decided to begin conversation! Thank you, Failbetter!

Has anyone else seen crew talking?

Once I think, a while back. Such features were planned but I can’t remember the two talking however.

edited by Owen Wulf on 11/3/2014

really? that never happened to me. that sounds like a terrific feature! I hope it finds its way into the final game eventually

I can confirm you aren’t crazy! I’ve seen the same thing (and I believe, the same conversation, assuming it was the Campaigner nagging the Navigator to take better care of himself.) That was a while ago, and I was getting a little worried that perhaps the devs had decided to cut the feature. I also recently saw my Shady Cook and the Nacreous Outcast talking. They can understand each other :|

My Genial Magician and Presbyterate Adventuress had a chat as well, so this is definitely now a thing that happens.

I look forward to seeing conversations like this as well.

Has this been mentioned in any patch notes? I’ve scoured a little bit but found nothing.