A moment's peace - still available?

I’ve been keeping my Nightmares irresponsibly high for about two weeks, hoping to draw the &quotA moment’s peace&quot card and try out the Fate-locked option on it. Is that card still available? The wiki indicates that it’s &quotvery infrequent&quot, but I’ve been drawing 20+ cards a day for two weeks and no sign of it.[li]

That’s RNG for you, I drew the card a few days ago too so there is that as proof that it’s still available too.

It is definitely available. I drew it yesterday, or maybe the day before. I forget. Do you mind messaging me a link to a Journal entry with the outcome when you do get around to trying the Fate-locked option? I’m curious as well.

I used the card within the last few days also.

Yes. Had it yesterday or the day before.

Just had it yesterday. Needed it, too, because I had been betrayed by a Seeker.

– Mal