A Missing Figurehead...

An ill friend asked for something gant-ish, and I’m looking for a figurehead of a particular beasty. The beasty in question is &quotThe Eater Of Names&quot but I’ve no idea where to find such a trinket.

Any assistance for a captain in need?

I have heard that The Eater of Names hangs around the Chelonate but I have never seen it. There are a couple of other gant options though.

If you’re sleeping badly and in pain there’s a place in the north where you can get something gant-ish. That’s usually the one I go for.

Aye, I’ve heard of that one, but I’d prefer not to uh… undertake that particular challenge. Vegetarian you know. Weak constitution.

That seems to be the most boring option, both in terms of how easy it is to acquire, and your client’s response when you finally show it to him. Then again, I’ve never acquired the other two, so maybe they are equally disappointing to him. It is a disappointing colour, after all.

I suspect that the same bug that’s causing most zee-beasts to multiply like rabbits is also preventing the boss monsters from spawning. I haven’t seen Mt. Nomad in the 40 or so hours I’ve played since release and I’ve never seen Eater of Names.
edited by Rilauven on 2/15/2015

There’s a third option, deep in the castle of Frostfound, if your Mirrors is high enough.

I’ve done that once and I quite enjoyed the experience I would definitely recommend taking a Judgement Egg if you take that option

On my last captain I went through Frostfound before going north just for fun and I may choose that option for gant this time around too. Though I did get myself strangely hungry in Adam’s Way so I could take the easier option for the Sigil-Ridden Navigator in Chapel’s Light since I don’t feel like finding two live specimen.

I wouldn’t recommend at least one of those, though…